Jen DeVore Richter

The Powerhouse Producer for Rising Influencers™

Jen DeVore Richer is a successful small business coach, published author of multiple business books, national keynote speaker, and Co-Founder of Rock My Image.

In a career and life changing move, Jen quit her high influence job working for NASA as a marketing executive to pursue the American dream of owning her own business.

After 12 years of entrepreneurial success, she is now on a mission to inspire business owners to redefine what success looks like for them and to eradicate the national small business failure rate of 80%.

Jen currently is a contributor for the HuffPost sharing insights and articles about small business growth and a highly sought after media personality averaging about 28 media appearances per year.

Her creative approach to business has been published in two co-authored books: Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional's Guide to Marketing Success and the Rockstar Professional's 90 Day Action Planner. Her ideas were also featured in the internationally published Top 50 Marketing Secrets of Successful Women.

She resides near Ponte Vedra Beach, FL with her husband and his two children.